Project Details

Crystals Separation

Las Vegas, Nevada

This project is a temporary “patch job” that covers openings left over from demolition adjacent to the Crystals at CityCenter. KEG designed free standing stud walls to guide pedestrians around the site and “roof” structures elsewhere to patch openings in the slab and walls. The construction covers an area of approximately 60,000 SF.

As the original Engineer of Record for the Crystals, Stephan Kordt was able to provide expert input for this project. With our staff’s experience and with the existing drawings in our possession, KEG was able to quickly identify potential pros and cons of proposed projects for this site.

Structural analysis justified the addition of approximately 40,000 SF of topping slab to provide slopes for the drainage of what had previously been an interior floor slab. Direction was given on the types of crane and truck loads that could be allowed on the elevated slab.